“We’re going to see subscriptions in pretty much everything.” — The Atlantic

According to data from McKinsey, eCommerce subscriptions have been growing over 100% each year for the past five years. A decade ago, less than 1% of eCommerce shoppers had a single subscription. Today that number is over 15%. Not only that, but these customers talk about their product experience, promote products more and have a CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) that is on average 38% above typical customers.

The reality is that consumer behavior is changing drastically. Two decades ago the idea of SaaS (Software as a Service) was…

Over the past few years, O-Joe’s coffee has sold its roasts primarily via wholesale or direct to consumer through one-time purchases. Joe had flirted with the idea of implementing subscriptions for his coffee, but even after he added recurring orders to his sales forms, it seems like people glossed over it. During the years he was building subscribers, but things were moving SLOWLY... Then suddenly in March of 2020, a flip switched after talking with a friend and things took off (even amid a global pandemic!) That missing puzzle piece was personal video emails.

Guest post by Casey Hill, Head…

Guest post by Casey Hill, Head of Growth at Bonjoro 🐻

There is a secret. It’s something that 99% of brands fail at. Take a moment and think about the brands in your life you truly love. What is it about them that gets you excited?

At a core level, it goes beyond just a great product. If a brand merely tries to win on pricing and product, there will always be another competitor waiting to reproduce it for cheaper. No, the best brands evolve beyond being a commodity. They become an experience.

Have you ever noticed that some colossal brands don’t need to market? Tesla. Disneyland. Zappos. These companies have invested vigorously in creating memorable and unique experiences around their products and through this, have made their customers into their sales and marketing engines. These brands are not simply meeting customer needs. Far from it. They are seeking to massively over deliver from what people are used to, and through that, create customer delight. It is that customer delight that created viral word of mouth growth and helped businesses like Zappos grow to become multi-billion dollar superstars.

Zappos began humbly in 1999…

Since the Coronavirus breakdown, millions of people are stuck at home; and for those who are still in the job market — are working from home too. The so-called “social distancing” measures have increased the Internet usage all around the world by 50–70%. Streaming has also jumped by at least 12%, according to Forbes.

Vox — How US Internet traffic has grown during coronavirus outbreak

Not all of us are used to this new remote way of working. For the majority, going to the office, having in-person meetings, workshops and sales talks is a norm; so it may be hard to adjust being fully online during the pandemic.

Our team talked…

Email has been one of the most important marketing channels for decades, and is still #1 when it comes to conversion and ROI. With more than 290 billion emails sent daily, for every $1 you spend, you can expect a return on your investment of $51.

Email marketing strategies have changed over the years, but we are still all looking at the same metrics to judge the performance: open rates, click-through rates (CTR), unsubscribe rate and bounces. …

Marketers are always scraping for new strategies and growth hacks they can apply to their business. But do they actually bring results? This is why we spoke with the actual “source” to get the insights we all seek when it comes to growth marketing success.

Before we jump into the use cases, why is growth marketing so important?

Here’s how Growth Tribe explains it:

  • Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated
  • Most projects focus heavily on the product, but the real challenge is with distribution
  • New channels are popping up very rapidly
  • Acquiring is not enough!! …

Today we finally went live on Product Hunt, woohoo!

We created Growth Channel Digital Ads solution to address the following challenges many Fintech startups are facing:

🔥 Not seeing the big picture of their omni-channel ad campaigns’ performance

🔥 Spending too much $$$$ on agency commission, retainers and PPC Managers

🔥 Lacking experience and data to fully optimise ad campaigns for conversion

Growth Channel allows Fintech companies easily launch, optimise and scale their digital ad campaigns with simple monthly rates and unlimited ad creation.

With Growth Channel we focus on the following elements:

💫 Niche audience & keywords targeting

Every year, we talk about important marketing trends which are shaping our strategy for the following year. Looking at 2019, we had a boost in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning adoption which are taking us forward.

As we all know, for AI to work (and work well!) you must have lots of DATA. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the Global Datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) to 175 ZB by 2025. As 80–90% of that data will be unstructured. It is simply no longer humanly possible to aggregate, yet alone analyse, the unfathomable quantities of data involved…

Growth Channel

Transform the way you do marketing today with machine learning solution of tomorrow.

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